JUNE 20th 2024 @ 6PM SLT

About The Club

The 80s and 90s were such vibrant decades, packed with unique cultural moments, technological advancements, and unforgettable trends. The rise of MTV brought music videos into homes, making artists like Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Prince global superstars. Genres like synth-pop, new wave, and heavy metal thrived. Bold and eclectic fashion choices were everywhere. The introduction of personal computers like the Commodore 64 and early Apple models changed the tech landscape and video games became mainstream with consoles like the Nintendo Entertainment System and Sony’s PlayStation. Then, the internet became a household phenomenon, changing how we communicate and access information. RetroV is meant to embody the nostalgia that arose from such influential and innovative decades, and bring it back to life in a space where you can relax, reminisce, and enjoy a time past.

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at RetroV 2

Ashlyn Night


JJ Capo

Investor from V1 of club

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20th June 2024 – Doors open at 6pm SLT

Grand REOpening

The first opening of RetroV was September 9th 2023, a huge success with an amazing crowd and staff, but due to time conflicts had to be closed shortly after. 9 months later, we reopen as RetroV 2. A larger venue, with more activities, better events, more crazy planning and execution than before. Come see us and see how much has changed!

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